You may have noticed that the Port Campbell headland has had a good weeding. This is a result of a Council grant that the Port Campbell Community Group Inc supported by the Board Riders Association gained to weed the headland, to do revegetation, and also to run a Southern Brown Bandicoot competition.

Keeping weeds at bay and promoting indigenous plantings encourages indigenous wildlife, such as the Rufous Bristlebird and keeps the headland healthy for the Bandicoots which are flourishing (and joining the rabbit population in the evening in Hennessy St).

The revegetation day will be in late autumn or winter so keep an eye out for the advertising.

Anyone interested in joining the Group or just joining the tree planting later in the year – please make contact – details below.

Rufous Bristlebirds, swamp antechinus, dunnarts and tiger snakes abound and sometimes an occasional wallaby grazes on the headland.

Thanks to the Board Riders for their ongoing support and Direct Seed for their expert weeding!

Keeping the headland healthy helps keep the wildlife healthy.


Port Campbell Community Group Inc. A0051688U

Further information contact via website: